short movie HD, color, scope, 8'50 /

written by Mathieu grousson and directed par Frédéric Sofiyana /

A strange force pushes a man to write himself a dayly letter of which he cannot get rid anymore... /

produced by Delphine Armand, Evostruct and , Rezina Productions /

Cast : David Ravier

Cinematography : Jean-Christophe Storck
Unit manager : Grégoire Cartillier
Sound recordist : Martin Kressmann
Editing and music : Frédéric Sofiyana
3D modelization : Marc Guillaumin
Credits et post-production : Evostruct

Shot at La Rochelle (Port autonome de La Rochelle - La Pallice, France)

© 2007 - Rézina Productions

Festivals : Limoges (mars 2009), Sens (avril 2009), Warsaw (août 2009)

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