I could be your grandmother

Poster : Charlotte Tanguy

Short-movie 19'00", 35mm scope, © 2010

Script Joël Catherin & Bernard Tanguy

Produced by & Benoît Blanchard.

With participation of France3 TV, French CNC (Cosip), Adami, Unifrance & Procirep.

TV broadcast : France3, TPS, CinéCinéma, TV5 monde, Orange, RTI (Italie), TSR (Suisse), UR-SEBC (Suède)...

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> Shortlisted, Oscars 2012
> Nominated, French Academy award (César) 2012
> Grand Prize, Festival Maremetraggio Trieste 2011
> Beaumarchais award & audience award, Festival Cinemed Montpellier 2011
> Audience award & promotional prize, Grenoble 2011
> French TV Prize & Film market favorite, Aix en Provence 2010
> Audience award, Young jury prize & CineCourt Prize, Alès 2011
> Grand Prize & best director, Festival Cinema da Mare, Italia 2011
> Grand Prize, Festival Internacional de Curtmetratges Mas Sorrer, Espagne 2011
> Grand Prize Festival Kinoma, Paris 2011
> Audience award, Festival Molise Cinema, Italie 2011
> Audience award, Festival Filmcaravan, Italie 2011
> Audience award, Festival de Velizy-Villacoublay 2011
> Audience award, Festival Courtivore, Rouen 2011
> Audience award, Festival Cinéma35 2011
> ... see complete award list here (in French)

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A brilliant business lawyer, touched by an old Romanian beggar who reminds him his grandmother, uses his marketing skills and sense of humour to rewrite hundred of signs for the homeless.

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Cast :

Jean-Toussaint Bernard
Frédérique Bel
Daniel-Jean Cassagne
Dorothée Lussey
Sandy Whitelaw
Oscar Relier
Benoît Szakow
Marie Donnio
Sarah Bensoussan
Jean-Paul de Medeiros
Antoine Gouy
Raphaëlle Bouchard
Jonathan Cohen
Tiffany Cheirix
Damien Dorsaz
Gilles Conte
Francis Van Litsenborgh
Samuel Dupuy
Cyrielle Debreuil

And playing their own character :

Ioana Geonea (Joana)