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"Interlude (Parenthèse), by Bernard Tanguy

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Script Hervé & Bernard Tanguy

“Interlude” (Parenthèse) is a stylish comedy on the theme of friendship and flirtation, set against the idyllic and timeless background of the islands and shores of the French Riviera.

Vincent Winterhalter, Eric Viellard, Gilles Gaston-Dreyfus, Anne Serra, Sophie Verbeeck, Dinara Drukarova, Nathalie Besançon, Gilles Cohen, Theo Costa-Marini, Pauline Acquart, Franc Bruneau, Florence Cuny, Isalinde Giovanglisi, Stan Carotenuto, Laurent Desbois, Piero Brogi, Stéphane Roger, Isabelle Montoya, Raphaëlle Dubois, Amandine Noworyta, Stéphane Anger, Aurore Lesne, Marie-Laure Azema, "Blues up independant" (Pierre Sibille).

Original music Stupeflip

Coproduction : Maje Productions / La Clairière Productions / Garance Capital, CB Partners, Lita films.

In association with the French CNC & Movies Angels.

French distribution and INTL sales : Jour2fête / released in France Spring-Summer 2016

[status : post-production achieved]



Script Hervé & Bernard Tanguy
Directed by Bernard Tanguy

Supported by French CNC short-movies program fund

[state : post-production]